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Negotiating Stock Options In Santa Cruz And Other Cities Around The World

If you are involved in a negotiation or dispute related to stock options rights or other equity awards rights, whether you face termination and the loss of unexercised stock options, or you want to exercise your rights before you lose them, you need an experienced attorney to protect your interests. Stock options are frequently worth millions of dollars but can have complex terms that must be met before they can be exercised. You need a lawyer who understands that area of the law, who has successfully worked with others in similar situations.

The attorneys at the law office of Kastner Kim LLP have more than 150 years of combined training, as well as powerful negotiation skills and extensive litigation experience. We can quickly assess your situation and help you formulate a legal strategy designed to meet your goals.

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Protecting Santa Cruz Executive Stock Options

If you are involved in litigation regarding back-dated stock options, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We will carefully explain the differences between the different types of stock options and make certain that you fully understand your rights, particularly in situations involving backdating. Kastner Kim attorneys will carefully follow all appropriate procedures and secure your rights to reap the benefits of the options you own.

Our San Francisco executive stock option lawyers frequently represent people and companies around the world who have been wrongfully discharged or terminated and therefore, denied the right to exercise their stock options. We have negotiated settlements and won verdicts totaling millions of dollars for people and companies whose options were wrongfully cancelled or terminated.

Because of our unique experience working in the high-tech culture in the Silicon Valley, we have often been involved in seeking stock options rights for American employees or companies dealing with foreign investors or enterprises. We understand the need to be creative in drafting stock option plans and agreements.

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