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The law office of Kastner Kim LLP is located in Palo Alto, and we represent clients around the world. If you have been offered an executive position with a high-tech company, you need an experienced lawyer to help you negotiate the terms of your employment agreement. You need an attorney who understands the culture in the industry, who has successfully helped others get the benefits and compensation to which they were entitled.

Since 1976, the attorneys at the law office of Kastner Kim LLP have worked with executives and business entities throughout the U.S. and the world; from India, Korea and China to Germany and France. We have extensive negotiation and litigation skill and experience, and have an intimate understanding of how the high-tech industry does business.

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Santa Cruz Executive Compensation Attorneys

We advocate on behalf of employees and executives at the corporate level, handling all matters related to executive compensation, from the negotiation of terms of an employment agreement to the securing of the agreed-upon provisions of a golden parachute. We will carefully review all proposed agreements and will make certain your interests are protected, particularly with respect to:

As a testament to our skill, knowledge and reputation, we have been hired on three separate occasions by fired corporate executives whom we had previously sued, as they respected our abilities when we defeated them in prior litigation.

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At Kastner Kim LLP, we know how critical it can be to get timely advice from legal counsel. We work hard to return all calls and e-mails within 24 hours. To schedule an appointment with experienced Palo Alto executive compensation attorneys, contact us by e-mail or call our office at 650-318-6107.

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